Our classic one – the metabolic bar   (to the Shop)

iSANO Classic is 100% healthy nutrition in portioned form (bar) which includes all essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and fiber in natural and balanced form. They are thus highly available in bioactive form and can be easily absorbed by the body. The special selection and adjustment of raw materials guarantees the daily supply with all essential nutrients while the energy value is below 1,000 kcal and no meat is consumed. As it comes in portions and ready for consumption, healthy and controlled weight loss without hunger is very simple. iSANO meets 160 out of 222 possible health claims based on EU Regulation 1924/2006 which has been effective since 14 December 2012. At the moment, no other natural food which meets as many claims is known to exist.

iSANO has adjusted the first portion of balanced diet to the daily requirement in five years of research and development. Processes conserving raw materials (cold-pressing procedure/oxygen deprivation) were developed to realize the bars in order to allow for nutrient concentration in a conserving and natural way. 

The especially developed carbohydrate profile (healthy sugar) supplies the body with the necessary energy every day without making the blood sugar level rise. This allows for a healthy calorie-reduced balanced diet without hunger but with full energy also in the long term.