vor der Kur
vor der Kur
nach der Kur

Before the iSANO cure

The ancient Greeks already fasted for health care and were known for their robust health up until old age. By fasting, they purified their body and mind. This is what iSANO is based on.

Thousands of satisfied customers have already obtained excellent results with iSANO, having improved and maintained their health, figure, energy balance and physical well-being.

As it is the case with every cure, we recommend being informed and prepared in advance, get medical consultation and start with a few pre-cleansing days.


I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.

-Plato 428-348 BC

Start already before the cure

•   drinking 2-3 liter of water and do without carbonated drinks, if possible. For a change, you can also resort to ginger or lemon tea and vegetable bouillon.  

•   increasing alkaline food.

•   reducing stimulants (caffeine, sweet drinks, alcohol, nicotine, etc.) step by step. The advantage is that side effects such as headache or nausea are reduced or do not occur at all in the first days of the cure.

•   eating smaller portions
Do not regard this cure as 
relinquishment but enrichment!
Be proud of yourself and your decision
to give your health a treat.
Allow us to congratulate you!
During the cure, you might experience considerable weight loss.
If you have a BMI below 20,

we recommend medical consultation!