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vor der Kur
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Nach der iSANO Kur


We recommend an adaptation period after the cure. As a rule of thumb, this adaptation period is to be about 1/3 of the entire length of the cure (e.g. after 15 days of iSANO you are advised to have 5 building days). During those days, you should slowly replace the bars with balanced meals, mainly using fresh and alkaline ingredients for those meals.

Take your time

Eat small portions consciously and slowly. Stop as soon as you feel full so your metabolism can get used to its usual everyday work. Reduce the use of salt when cooking but make your meals a bit spicy as this will have a stimulating effect on your metabolism.

Light food

Do not immediately overburden your digestive organs with heavy food, fast food, etc.

Drinking habits

Stick to your “new drinking habits”. As already mentioned, water is purifying and detoxifying; it stimulates digestion, your skin will become firmer and more elastic. The right quantity of water also has a positive effect on cartilages and joints; it counteracts tiredness, and strengthens your memory as well as your ability to concentrate.


Follow-up use

We recommend, for instance, an iSANO day per week or a bar in-between as single meal or alternative to snacks after the cure to support your newly acquired vitality further on.